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Bilstein Suspension

BMW/Mini Enhancements

Some great ways to improve the handling, performance and appearance of your BMW/Mini.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers
Bilstein is synonymous with quality & handling. BEMW can supply & fit the full range of Bilstein shocks from standard height to lowered or the ultimate: coil-over-shock, height adjustable kit, (includes shocks & springs), as fitted to our E36 318iS. If you want 'slot car handling', without excessive harshness, then this is the kit for you.

Haltech Engine Management Systems

Eibach & Kings Springs
BEMW can offer either quality German made Eibach springs or equally good Australian made Kings springs to set your BMW at the height you want.

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Urethane Sports Suspension Components
BEMW has a range of quality urethane sports suspension bushes & mounts to compliment your shock absorbers & springs.

Normal suspension bushes are made of soft rubber so as not to transmit noise & vibration through to the cars’ body from the suspension. The downside of this is that the bushes can move a lot, (Squash up), under hard braking & cornering resulting in the wheel alignment angles changing & therefore reduced tyre grip, - i.e. skidding or wheel lockup. Professional race cars use special bearings instead of rubber bushes to eliminate all movement but this would be too expensive & too harsh for road cars. Urethane is a type of rubber, which is less flexible than normal rubber therefore offering a solution to the excessive movement problem, but still absorbs some of the shock & vibration.

Urethane suspension bushes are a very popular & successful way of improving your car’s handling for either street use or club level racing & rallying.

These include:

Adjustable Front Strut Top Mounts
Both Urethane – For street use or Solid - for Track use. Both types incorporate spherical bearings. To suit E30, E36 & E46. These mounts allow camber & castor adjustment quickly & easily for optimum handling & minimum tyre wear.

Rear Top Shock Mounts
In both Urethane – For street use or Solid – for track use. To suit E30, E36 & E46. We highly recommend these urethane mounts when fitting sports heavy-duty rear shocks, as the genuine BMW shock mounts tend to wear out too quickly!

Front Lower Control Arm Rear Bush
Available in both standard & offset, (M3 style) to suit E30, E36 & E46.

E30 Adjustable Rear Trailing Arm Bushes
Yes, these bushes, when fitted, allow the rear toe-in & camber to be adjusted quite easily. A must for lowered E30’s that wear out the inside edges of their rear tyres, not to mention the improved handling. Excessive negative camber on the back wheels actually reduces the car's handling characteristics.

Sway bar bushes & other components
Give us a call or email to see if we have what you are looking for. If we haven't got it, we may be able to have it made.

Chrome Exhaust Tips
We can supply & fit a variety of chrome exhaust tips to dress up your vehicles posterior.

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Sebring & Remus Sports Exhaust Systems
From rear mufflers to complete systems. These quality European made exhaust systems not only look good & sound good but also enhance power!

Haltech Programmable Fuel Injection
We are an authorised Haltech dealer & can supply, install & tune Haltech programmable EFI to suit your vehicle & application w
hether it be street, race or rally, normally aspirated, turbo or supercharged.

Haltech Platinum Sport

Haltech MXL Dash
Fully programmable, the Haltech MXL Dash is a powerful, professional and high-tech gauge which allows the user to sample and display a large number of parameters. The Haltech MXL Dash has a bright backlight wide display and a high speed USB data download to PC, which allows data to be analysed using the powerful Race Studio 2 software.

The Haltech MXL Dash is available in 3 versions:
STREET: Same as Track, no sampling capability.
TRACK: 1 wheel speed, 8 analog inputs, AMP connectors, 8Mb memory.
PRO: 4 wheel speeds, 12 analog inputs, Deutsch connectors, 16Mb memory.

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Haltech Miniceptor
As used in the 2007 Bathurst 12-hour winning BMW 335
Piggyback ECU for later model BMWs and Minis, including the Cooper S. This ECU allows us to override the original ECU and tune the car for optimum performance. Unlike a flash tune, this ECU allows a custom tune that takes into account your actual vehicle with any modifications it has. It can easily be retuned with any later modifications that you decide to make to your car. Ideally combined with a modified supercharger pulley on the Cooper S Mini.

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For more information or to check out the full range in each category, drop in or give us a call.

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Bilstein Suspension
Haltech Engine Management Systems
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