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Servicing and Repairs at BEMW

BEMW carry out scheduled servicing to both BMW/Miniís & Land Roverís recommendations using only genuine and O.E. parts. We use and recommend Penrite Oils which not only meet, but in most cases exceed both BMW/Miniís and Land Roverís requirements.

Penriteís new fully synthetic engine oil, when tested against all the other competitors fully synthetic engine oils (including Mobil 1), it surpassed its nearest rival by a staggering 30%.

Extended Servicing Intervals
In recent times we have seen servicing intervals increase from 10,000kms to 15,000kms and now 20,000kms for Land Rover & 25,000kms for BMW/Mini. Whilst the introduction of fully synthetic engine oils & their refinement over recent years is no doubt remarkable, it is our firm opinion that distances of 20+ thousand kilometres between oil changes is far too long. We are already in fact starting to see evidence of this, with vehiclesí oil levels extremely low before reaching their next service, also sludging & excessive wear in the cylinder heads of higher mileage vehicles. i.e. over 100,000kms. We therefore highly recommend that all vehicles have an oil change every 10,000kms or 6 months whichever occurs first. Especially if your intention is to keep the vehicle for several years.

Remember:  the vehicle will be well & truly out of warranty by the time any problems arise from lack of oil changes!

No Nasty Surprises
After being in the motor trade for nearly twenty years, you get to hear plenty of horror stories from people about having their vehicle serviced or repaired. One of the most common complaints in the industry is about receiving a bill, when picking up a vehicle, which is far more expensive then they were expecting. At BEMW we have a saying:

 ďWe donít like people spending our money without our permission, therefore we donít do the same to our customersĒ.

At BEMW we will always give you an estimate of the cost of your service or repairs when you drop off your vehicle. If during the course of the service or repair we discover additional work or parts are required we will always contact you to advise you of the additional work and cost involved and get your permission before proceeding. Occasionally this causes a delay in the completion of the service or repairs when a customer cannot be contacted, but we find the customer more easily accepts this than a bill for a few hundred dollars more than they were expecting.


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