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Land Rover & Range Rover Enhancements

Some great ways to improve the handling, performance and appearance of your Land Rover or Range Rover.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers & Steering Dampers
German made high quality shock absorbers, fitted as original equipment by BMW on their sports spec suspension for over twenty years. We have 1980 model BMW’s coming in with the original Bilstein shocks on them & they are still working just fine.

These shocks will dramatically improve the ride & handling of your Disco, Defender or Range Rover. They will last for years & if necessary can be rebuilt. We could probably make more money selling you cheaper shocks that need replacing every few years but that is not the way we do things at BEMW.

The Bilstein Steering Dampers
Eliminate that annoying steering wheel shimmy encountered when one front wheel hits a bit of a bump or pothole in the road.

Suspension Springs
We have a choice of quality springs for your vehicle to suit your needs in either standard height or raised.

Poly Air Springs
If you tow a heavy trailer or load up the back of your vehicle occasionally, causing it to sit a bit low, then you have 2 choices to correct the ride height:

  1. Fit some heavy duty rear springs. The problem with this is when you are not loaded, the vehicle’s ride will be harsh & ride height may be increased causing clearance problems. Or

  2. Fit Poly Air Springs to the rear. These heavy duty air bags fit inside your rear coil springs & allow you to pump up the rear of the vehicle when loaded to correct the ride height. When the vehicle is unloaded simply deflate the bags & you’re back to normal. The best of both worlds! The bags are inflated individually so you can even correct uneven loads between left & right.

Maxi Drive Diff Locks & Heavy Duty Axles
For the serious off
-roaders we can supply & fit these high quality components to enhance your vehicles off road capabilities & reliability.

Air Suspension Emergency Over Ride Kit
Allows you to manually pump up each corner of the vehicle just as you would pump up your tyres. Will allow you to override any electronic faults or valve body faults in your Range Rover's EAS & avoid having to crawl home with your suspension on the bump stops or being towed.

Convert your Range Rover 4.0SE or 4.6HSE from air suspension to conventional coil springs
We now have conversion kits available.

For more information or to check out the full range in each category, drop in or give us a call.

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