Will my new car warranty still be maintained when you work on my vehicle?

Yes, your factory warranty will still be maintained when you get your vehicle serviced by us – and you’ll likely save a good amount by getting the work done by us compared to a dealer.

I drive an '____________' – can you service my particular vehicle?

We have all the latest diagnostic gear, not to mention specialist experience in dealing with European vehicles – whether it’s a BMW/Mini, VW/Audi, Land Rover/Range Rover or a Mercedes, we have the tools and the know how to work on your car. Feel free to call us and have a chat about your particular vehicle.

Do you have a courtesy vehicle available?

Not only do we have courtesy vehicles available, we’re happy to do pick ups and drop offs at work, home or the shops (in the local area) too! Give us a call on 9659 0811 to make sure we’re able to work in with your schedule on the day.

Will I know the cost of repairs on my vehicle beforehand?

We will always keep you informed of any costs. We can give you an indication of costs on any repairs before we start, and if that looks like it is going to change (unforeseen issues are sometimes unavoidable before we start work on your vehicle), we’ll call you and let you know. We will never initiate any work on your vehicle that costs more without your prior approval. If we come across other items that we notice are in need of repair whilst working on your vehicle, we’ll also let you know about those too.

As always, we guarantee that there will be no nasty surprises when we provide your your invoice.

I don't trust mechanics ... how can I trust you guys?

Since 2000 we have been servicing the Hills District and surrounding suburbs, and our reputation has been built on respect and trust (not to mentioned being good mechanics!). Don’t just take our word for it, ask some of our other customers and we’re sure they’ll be happy to tell you they’ve had a great experience with us. We’re a family business and we put our names to it.

Can BEMW do any performance upgrades on my vehicle?

Absolutely – there are a lot of performance upgrades we can do, from suspension and brake upgrades through to increased horsepower. Having built and worked on lots of highly competitive rally and race cars, we know how to extract the best performance from your vehicle. We are able to do Quantum remapping on ECUs (see our page here), as well as supply and fit performance parts from some of the best including Turner Motorsport, Haltech, Bilstein and Hella. Talk to us about what sort of driving you’re doing and your budget and we’ll help you get the most out of your car.

Can BEMW do any offroading upgrades on my 4WD?

Whether it’s for towing or offroading, or adding additional utility to your 4WD, we can install upgrades and accessories from a range of suppliers. Talk to us about the sort of driving you’re doing and we’ll be able to provide advice on the best path to go down, and supply and fit your parts for you.

Can I come in and check out the rally car?

Sure, drop in and check out our E46 Rally M3 that’s almost complete. We’re always proud to show off our skills in building a competitive rally car, and happy to talk you through how we did it. It’s our passion, and we’re always happy to share it!

Can you work on the air conditioning in my vehicle?

Yes, we can. We’re able to get the cold back in your air con and make sure there’s heat in your heaters. We’ve got years of experience working with aircon and heating systems, so ask us about yours if it isn’t running how it should.

Do you guys do gearboxes and transmissions?

Yes, we are able to service, repair and replace gearboxes as needed. We can also source quality second hand gearboxes if required. If you’re having transmission troubles, let us know and we’ll get you back in gear again.

What parts and supplies do you use?

We use genuine parts, OEM and can source second hand parts from our supplier when economical. We don’t cut corners when we work on cars, and we aren’t going to have our work (or your car) ruined by using any substandard parts. We offer warranty on all new parts.

When it comes to oils and lubricants, we only use those that we believe to be the best available in each category.